In theory, the rules of the road exist to ensure that everyone gets back from their ride in one piece. But how does this work in practice?

Different countries -- and different states in the U.S. -- have different ways of dealing with bicycles. Years ago, riding in Japan, for example, was not for the faint of heart. The samurai spirit of WWII was alive and well, and three-wheeled mini-pickup trucks, piloted by fearless and ruthless construction workers (ex-fighter pilots?), would often run up over the curb and along the sidewalk, scattering pedestrians, to get around a traffic jam at ... continue reading

I have learned a lot since releasing the Close Call Database four months ago, and today I want to focus on an emerging technology that I believe is critically important to the cycling community: on-bike video cameras.

I captured the image below from Google Maps. It depicts Nelson Road here in Boulder County, Colorado, looking west with the foothills in the background.

Using the car for scale -- the one cleverly driving inside the bike lane -- you can see that the road features wide traffic lanes in both directions and a generous bike lane that ... continue reading

The law may stipulate who yields to whom, but there are times when the law doesn’t work as well as it should. This is a post about one of the real rules of the road. If you are not in the habit of paying especially careful attention to cars turning left, please keep reading and find out why you should be.

I have always been abnormally comfortable with risk. 

Before cycling, my passion was white water kayaking and it was a passion that I did not pursue gently. As my skills increased I took on more risk; paddling backwards, paddling at night, paddling ... continue reading

I want to thank the people from all over the world that have been signing up for this site. It’s off to a very good start, and it’s been fun and rewarding to watch it grow by word-of-mouth as it spreads from one cyclist to another.  

But this post is for the cyclists that visit this site, and then decide that they are not going to sign-up because they think it won’t work or make a difference.  I would like explain why I think it will. ... continue reading

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