Boulder Cyclist Injured in Hit-and-Run

A Boulder cyclist was seriously injured in on the evening of October 23rd, 2014 while riding on Linden Avenue.

"All he remembers is hearing acceleration and pulling over as far as he could," said Cox's wife, Linda. "It looks like someone side-swiped him."

A car came up on the scene and the driver called an ambulance, and Bill Cox was taken to Boulder Community Health. Linda Cox said he sustained a shattered hip, a shattered ankle, a broken arm and also hurt his lower vertebrae. He had emergency surgery, but doctors have not been able to get him standing.

Even though this incident occurred months ago, I am including this news item for several reasons:

  1. Comments made by readers of the story suggest that the cyclist may be the victim of a local driver that has repeatedly threatened cyclists with his vehicle.

  2. This incident bears some similarities with one that was recently reported; also involving a white truck that revved its engine before nearly hitting a cyclist riding in a small group on Nelson Road.

  3. White paint marks were left on the bike, which is also a match for the incident on Nelson Road.

  4. The driver was not identified and charged.

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Hit-and-Run Accidents Increasing in Los Angeles

As cyclists are well aware, a large percentage of motorists flee the scene after hitting cyclists. The trend seems to be particularly bad in Los Angeles which has seen a sharp rise in hit-and-run activity. After a hit-and-run, police find drivers in only 20% of the cases, and a scant 10% result in an arrest. This can leave injured cyclists shouldering huge financial burdens while they try to recover from serious injuries.

State legislators have pushed to stiffen penalties to discourage drivers from leaving crash scenes. But Governor Gerry Brown vetoed legislation calling for a sixth-month suspension of the licenses of drivers convicted in hit-and-run collisions involving another person, saying "current law is adequate." A claim that does not seem to be supported by the data.

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UK Driver Registers Three Offenses Against Cyclists

Dean Goble, a 39 year old motorist of Parkway, Siddington, UK faces three separate counts of dangerous driving after allegedly running cyclists off the road in three different incidents between April 30 and May 8, 2014.

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Richmond Driver Threatens Cyclists with A Gun

On November 12, 2014, a driver in an SUV buzzed a group of five cyclists, stopped, and then threatened them with a handgun. The incident occurred in Ashland, Virginia, in Hanover County, about 20 miles north of Richmond, host of next year’s world championships.

“It became out-and-out warfare when he produced a handgun, and threatened to kill me if I took another step toward the vehicle,” Stephen Hancock told NBC affiliate WWBT. Hancock, 64, was one of the five riders involved in the incident.

The driver, Edward Fornel, 61, was arrested on November 14 and charged with reckless driving and brandishing a firearm. He will go to court November 25.

Another cyclist was the victim of a hit-and-run incident that occurred in Ashland, on October 17, but was not seriously injured.

[ Stephen Hancock has now provided an Incident Report updating the latest court actions as of Jan 13, 2015 ]

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